Hospital Information Systems

Hospital Information System

iMedOne® and iMedOne® mobile

iMedOne® and iMedOne® mobile support processes in hospitals in many ways. Both contribute significantly to the economy and the improvement of documentation quality, because they simplify the work of physicians and nursing staff substantially.

iMedOne® Mobile

The tool many existing users have been waiting for: iMedOne® Mobile apps have online access to iMedOne®. Because now doctors and nurses have all necessary data and functions always and everywhere available:
  • Mobile medical reports and findings
  • Laboratory values and graphical charts
  • Vital signs and fever chart
  • Location-independent digital dictation and send directly to the write service
  • Order release
  • Dynamic lists of patients
Our Solutions – Hospital Information System
iMedOne® billing support all users in patient management and billing. Because it includes all the functionality of inpatient and outpatient billing:
  • Integration of a variety of financial accounting and cost accounting systems
  • Integrated cash management with cash book
  • Convenient and transparent data communication in accordance with §301 public and private payers
  • Wide range of controlling and data export options
With the telemedicine projects and Stroke Angel cardio patient data is transmitted directly from the ambulance to the hospital and iMedOne®. When recording the iMedOne® Triage System (MTS) is used. You can also integrate individual classification systems. At the end of inpatient and outpatient treatment consolidation is seamless.
Create, edit and manage the admission, relocation and discharge letters, surgical reports and internal and external findings. The iMedOne® MEDTEXT editor allows easy access for doctors and typists by a tool that in everyday life leads to significant time savings.
The editor contains:
  • Wildcards and text blocks with stored text rules
  • Wizard for automated document creation
  • Integration of dictation and speech recognition system
  • Scanning of foreign findings for patients
  • Connection to audit-proof digital archive systems
iMedOne® contributes significantly to the relief of care. Because it minimizes the documentation and administrative burden. The patient data are intuitive and easy to grasp – mobile, right at the bedside.
In detail this means:
  • Complete picture of the nursing process
  • Convenient patient chart, individually configurable
  • Wound documentation nursing standard
  • Medication therapy management with security check
With evidence-based clinical pathways, you can plan, monitor and control the overall treatment of a patient. Of course, without limiting the freedom of treatment for medical care. The system automatically sets the background orders, plans and schedules and resource-dependent process steps associated with each other.
One of the positive consequences: cost transparency for individual diseases by clear assignment of benefits.
The assistance systems in iMedOne® lead to faster results and better quality. Because hereby can competence and knowledge of the hospital in clinical trails accumulate - for each illness.
Further details:
  • Bi-directional integration of coding and grouper solutions
  • Access to leading systems in medication preparation process
  • Literature for individual problems to the patient directly in the workplace